Sunday, August 15, 2010

Announcing the Winner 8-15-10 MONTHLY GIVE-AWAY

I give away a $5.00 gift certificate each month to the person who follows my blog and posts the most times to my blog in a 30 day period.  It can be spent in any of my three shops with no restrictions. 

My Art, Aceo, and Card Shop 

My Photography Shop 

My Pendant Shop 

Todays winner is Pam (alwaysartistic).  She is a pretty loyal follower. Congratulations, Pam. :)

Second place this month was LeePierce.
Third place this month was Marlene(lazyhawk).

I had 14 different posters to my blog this month and added two new people to my followers for this month.

Pam, convo me with what it is you would like and I will set up a special listing.


  1. A beautiful post of a very talented artist. I love that she gives away 100% of her sale on her faith art to that wonderful cause.

  2. Thank you Carole! Lee enjoy your prize :)