Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Selection! 8-15-10

Welcome to Sunday Selection where I spotlight one of my favorite Etsy Shops.  I have already done the following people:

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7.  Raedawn: Her Shop

Today I will spotlight Raysofgrace (Susan).


The beauty of nature is such a gift, don't you think? I am frequently in awe of the splendor, the variety, the uniqueness of what I see around me and find myself running to get my camera. I think of these moments as little bits of Grace, unmerited favor, presented to us by God.

I often use my photographs as my computer desktop images and received positive comments from friends and co-workers who see them. When a friend told me about Etsy, I decided to give it a try.

......Allow a ray of grace to enter your life ...

Welcome to Rays Of Grace! It is my hope that you find something here that adds a little grace to your life, a little something special, unexpected and unearned. In other words, a gift.

Feel free to shop around then choose a little ray of grace to claim for your own!

100% (yes ...100%!) of the profit from any Faith Art sale will be donated to missions. My current focus is: Breaking Chains - a ministry that rescues girls sold into slavery in Mexico.

When I think of Raysofgrace, I think of beautiful landscapes and words of inspiration.  I find that a lot of her photography has a very soothing quality about it.  So, pull up a chair and and enjoy my favorite selections from her shop.

Faith Art:  The Ocean 
Water Wonders: Waterfall 
Beaches:  Beach 
Flowers:  Poppies 
Puppies: Puppy 
Moments in Nature:  Sunset 
Just Black and White:  Angel 
Keepsake Greeting Card:  Friends 
Aceos:  Landscape 

A sense of wonder and peace is what I feel when I look at Susan's photography.

Her Shop 


  1. She is a wonderful photographer with an eye for beauty. Thank you for sharing her shop with us.

    It is good to be back home and be able to read the blogs I follow.

  2. Interesting to read how she started out and the reasons behind her shop.

  3. Great feature, Carole!

    Wonderful photos and a lovely shop, Susan!

  4. Beautiful photography, and what a wonderful woman she is!

  5. Beautiful feature Carole. I love Susan's photography and art. Her magnet birthday cards are really cool too.