Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to Sunday Selections! 8-8-10

Every Sunday I spotlight one of my favorite shops.  So far I have done:

1. Lazyhawk : Shop

2. Alwaysartistic; Shop

3. Tapestry: Shop

4.  Pinglitterfae : Shop

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6.  MagMoment: Shop

Today I am featuring Raedawn (Linda).  I am adding a new feature to my Sunday Selections and here it is:


My beading journey began after working for years as a visual artist. Then my daughter, Amy, started beading and I was hooked. I learned the basics from her, and never looked back (except, of course, at her continued beautiful work). My visual art had evolved over time into work that is highly symbolic, and grounded in archetypal and symbolic imagery. My beadwork led me to explore these same themes.. 

I grew up and lived most of my life in Maryland, but a short “sabbatical” in Ontario, Oregon, and a longer one in Silver City, New Mexico, had a definite influence on my work. My current jewelry includes themes that are primal/mythic, romantic/decorative, contemporary, and southwestern. 

My jewelry has been sold in several emporiums in Maryland and shown in many galleries in New Mexico and Oregon. It also has been shown, alongside my visual art, in a variety of venues. After moving to Lowell, Massachusetts, I am currently focusing on the wider audience that the internet provides to share my jewelry. And yes, I am still active as a visual artist.

I love to combine seemingly disparate elements. For example, I love to pair semi-precious stones and glass; large chunky nuggets with tiny Swarovski crystals; coral and bone with sterling silver accents. It enchants me to combine these different elements, and I am always surprised at where my jewelry leads me. I never met a bead I didn’t like. 

Beading is a journey, as is art. I never know when something will inspire me to go into unfamiliar territory, and I love branching out to use new forms of jewelry making. For example, I recently combined shiny faceted Czech glass beads, highly deco, with long pieces of tied rice paper for a look I’m not sure how to describe yet (except that it follows my love of mixed media art). And as a journey, working on each piece, whether it be a necklace or a pair of earrings, is a wonderful experience. It’s this experience of mystery and joy that I want my jewelry to convey to you.

I hope you enjoy visiting my shop and sharing parts of my journey. Maybe you will find something that can add uniquely to your own journey.

Her Shop

I love the work I see in Linda's shop.  And my favorite part of her shop are her mixed-media hanging art.  I happen to love symbolism and her work touches my heart.  Her jewelry is also exceptional.

What I like to do is to select one favorite item from each category in her shop.

Art: For The Wall

Necklaces:  Green  It was very difficult for me to choose one favorite necklace.  They are all gorgeous.

Earrings: Dangles

Bracelets: Color

Aceos:  Water

So, actually when I think of Linda's work I think of a very interesting mind.  Her work is fabulous.


  1. Great Feature, Carole.

    Raedawn has so many gorgeous pieces in her shop! Wonderful work!

  2. Wonderful feature, I enjoy reading more about my fave artists every week!
    Raedawn is very talented!

  3. Nice feature! Thanks, Carole =) Great to get to know other artists better!

  4. Wonderful feature. Love to learn more about you Susan! Beautiful jewelry and mixed media, as well as your other aceo art!

  5. Thank you so much. I think I thanked you in the forum, but wanted to add one here as well. I feel very honored by your wonderful presentation. ~ raedawn