Saturday, May 2, 2009

Iris Folding- Greeting Card!

This is a beautiful yellow and black moon Iris Folded Birthday Card or for any occasion you might want to celebrate. It is hand-folded by me.

Ideas of how to use this card:
1. Money Card
2. Gift Card
3. Aceo Card
4. Write a personal note on a card and slip into the pocket

This card was so much fun to make. I doubled all of the folds to make it more intricate. Paper selection was a lot of fun too. That is my favorite part of the process. Of course, I hope you guys will enjoy it.


  1. Oh, Your work is lovely! Thanks so much for "popping" in to visit! Your kind words are a true blessing!

  2. You are welcome. Thanks for coming here too.:)

  3. Carole, that is a very cool card. Choosing paper is to me like choosing fabric is to my sister that quilts.

  4. Yes, I think it is very similar to quilting, Marlene. I have a ball doing it.:)

  5. This is a wonderful design. The dance of colors are lovely too.

  6. Love the moon, the colors look great together! Very cool!

  7. Thank you so much Light and Writing. :)