Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Tips and Tricks for Doing Iris Folding!

For all my friends who are addicted to Iris Folding:

1. Cut your strips from 1/2 to 3/4 inches depending on the size of the item you are working on. This helps to alleviate some thickness.

2. Instead of folding the strips in half, only fold down about 1/3 of the way. Again this will eliminate some of the thickness.

3. Once you measure your strip for a section clip off the bottom ends at an angle. Again this will help reduce the thickness of the final product.

4. Use double sided tape to glue down your strips. When you are done, use regular tape to cover the entire folded ares. This will help to tighten and bind and flatten the pieces even more.

5. Finish the back off with a piece of matching paper or card stock.

6. Select papers that are beautiful, colorful, bold, and make a statement.

7. Choose papers by colors alternating light and dark or alternating prints and solids.

8. Always make the Iris pop and shine. Sparkle is the key here.

9. If you are following a pattern, double the folds to achieve great detail in your work.

10. Good luck everyone!


  1. Carole, thank you for the tips - I learned a lot from them and got some answers to some of my problem areas. Very informative.

  2. Wow - now that I know more, I may give this a try =) Ah, but can I manage one more addiction....? LOL!

  3. Great tips Carole, hmmm now I feel like folding more! lol


  4. LOL, kathy....what is one more addiction.

  5. Pam, I really have you hooked. LOL

  6. wow, i know if i really tried i might be able to pull one off, but i'll leave the magic to you who has the nack for it!
    i've never really seen iris folding cards before and they look fantastic! thanks for showing me something new :)