Saturday, April 25, 2009


I just can't seem to finish a project. I start, I quit, I go back, I work on it, I leave it, etc. Thus, my art work is still not complete, but sitting in my studio waiting for me to complete it.

In addition, I have put on my list to completely reorganize my studio. I would like to get rid of what I do not use. Then, I would like to reorganize. The space is quite small and I have every nook and cranny filled. I am actually in my laundry room. Anyway, getting off track.....I still have not started.

I bought a new roller bag for my scrap-booking. I have not even tried to fill it. It just sits there empty wondering why I have not grabbed it and delighted in filling it up.

Sigh! I just keep procrastinating. Any cures out there?


  1. Oh, I feel your pain! I have several unfinished paintings *argh* and some of them are small format - so I have NO excuse because they would be easy to finish. I am taking Timothy Adams 5 day seminar that starts tomorrow. There is a section on getting organized! I hope it helps get and keep me on track!

    Here's a portion of his email with the link to the marketing course:
    My Free 5-day Etsy marketing course starts on Monday, so if you are not signed up here is the link>> This course will be sent out via email so you can view on your own time! I will be teaching techniques that I use to market my Etsy shop, and how to better manage your precious time.

  2. Very interesting, Tapestry. I just might try that.

  3. Oh Carole, wish I could give you a magic cure, but alas I am in the same boat with you. I think part of mine is Spring Fever. I did dig out some things I never use and never will, photoed them and can't get up the energy to list them. If I discover a cure I will share.

  4. As far as organising goes, I do a little bit at a time, as little as 15 minutes. I also prioritize what needs to be done.

    With my art, I only work on what moves me at the time. I always have four or more paintings going at once.

  5. I know some times it is hard to be motivated, I went through about 2 months and I did not do hardly any art at all. I wasn't inspired and didn't feel like it. Hope you find some inspiration / motivation soon.

    Hmmm reorganization, I could use some of that too, my desk is a mess right now, partly because I have found my inspiration and am making some art, scraps of paper everywhere! lol


  6. Gallery, that sounds like a plan. I have no rhyme or reason to how I work. LOL. It is like someone else is making the decisions.

    I did spend three full days hoeing out my studio and it looks so pretty and is now completely reorganized. I am proud. But now I hate the thought of working in there and messing it up. LOL

  7. Marlene....we are two peas in a pod. I do have two new greeting cards done but have not even listed them. Both are Iris Folded. LOL.

  8. LOL, Pam. If i could only train myself to clean up after myself each time I worked. It never has happened. I have almost completed another three panel canvas ACEO....still the same one I mentioned two weeks ago.