Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't Ever Forget!

I am upset about the fact that no clergy or prayer is to be included in the 9-11 memorial tomorrow. Today I find out that no firemen or policemen have been invited either. What has happened to America in 10 years? It is like they did more than attack us because ultimately they have destroyed the basic fiber of our culture. Anyway, I choose to honor the 3000 people who died that day. I recently visited the Pentagon Memorial. Click on the link below.

Art Plus: Pentagon Memorial.


  1. Thanks for sharing your visit! Great photos.

  2. I was shocked that none of the first responders were invited. Unfortunately, I see many instances where the denial of our nation's Christian roots is evident, and this absence of prayer and clergy is yet another one. It seems as if those who are in high position in the country are afraid to say who caused 9/11 and why - when we already know the answers to both of those questions. Appalling.