Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Play Tag! You're It!

Here are 4 questions that I was ‘tagged’ with from Tapestry316 (Kathy), at Click Here 

1. You can go shopping in any city in the world. Where are you going and what will you buy?

Assuming I had all the money in the world, I would choose Paris, France.  After all, it is famous for shopping.  I would probably buy a home in one of the towns I grew up in as a child.
2. Your favorite dessert has no calories! What will you eat?

One of my favorite desserts is Carrot Cake and Creme Brule.  That would be a hard choice.

3. What character from a book would you like to come to life so that you could spend an afternoon with him or her (or it!)?

I would like to bring Atticus Finch to life from To Kill a Mockingbird, especially if he looked like Gregory Peck.  Such a handsome man who loved his family and who had great wisdom as well.  He also was a man who cared about the people around him.
4. You can have any famous museum painting in the world. Which one will hang in your home?

Water Lillies by Claude Monet.  I am a water person and I was always drawn to this series of paintings.  I think it brought to mind a place to escape to, a place to rejuvinate.

Now, tag! You're it!

Okay, now I have to ask four questions of four other people, so here you go!

1. If you could have any wild animal(not domesticated) as a pet and this animal would never live behind bars and it would be safe for both you and the animal, what animal would you choose.

2. What occupation would you choose if you could do it all over again.  You cannot answer that you would not change anything.  And, how would you go about achieving your goal.  You are twenty again.

3. What advice would you give your child in today's world just before he or she leaves home for good.

4. If you had all of the time in the world and had access to all libraries of the world, what topic would you spend your life researching and why.

Now, tag! You're it!

1.  Raedawn (Linda) Click Here!

 2. MagMoment (Hazel)  Click Here!

3.  DEB Click Here!

4.  LILY Click Here!

Have fun! I’m really looking forward to your answers!

You can post your answers here and on your own blog you can post the whole thing.  Thanks.


  1. Great answers, Carole! I am also very fond of Monet =) Love your questions for your blog friends, too =) Thanks for playing!

  2. interesting answers Carole!
    If I had a second choice I would pick Paris too, it sounds so romantic!

    To catch a mockingbird was one of my fave books growing up. I'd like to re-read it one day

  3. You've got some really interesting questions for those you tagged.
    Those sound like some good desserts!

  4. I guess no one is going to respond...oh well. :)

  5. Fun questions and answers.

    I'll answer yours just for fun!

    1. I would of course have to choose a Giraffe! lol I might need a taller house though!

    2. Hmmmm not sure, I might go in the same direction but would take actual lessons instead of being self taught.

    3. I don't have children, but... maybe to always believe in yourself.

    4. I would have to say living things, animals, birds, fish, plants, etc.

  6. Thanks, Pam. That was sweet of you. I now invite all of my friends to answer my questions right here on my blog.

  7. Fun questions, Carole =) hmmmm... Let me see...
    1. One animal? One??? Wow... I would love to live with the wild mustangs.

    2. I would still be an artist, but I would love to take lots of classes and learn to be a master printmaker as well as expand my knowledge of watercolor.

    3. The same advice that I gave my daughter when she was in junior high - the Lord sees you wherever you are. He will watch over you and He will watch everything you do. LOL - when Cynthia left home for good, I said "Call me when you are back from your honeymoon and all settled." Yep, she went from our home to hers and Timothy's home!

    4. Oh, I would love to learn and really comprehend Greek and Hebrew so that I could read the Bible in the language in which it was originally written. Okay, all the time in the world? Let's throw in Aramaic, too, then ;-)