Saturday, October 23, 2010

American Indian Festival-Daytona Beach

 Buffalo Headdress.
 Bear Skin used in dances.
 This Great Dane was enjoying the show.  He was enjoying the attention he was getting too.:)
 Hawk.  This one gave a great show of his hunting abilities.
 Seminole Boy.
 Seminole Dancer.
 Seminole Girl Dancer.
 Seminole Man Warrior.
Seminole Medicine Man.


  1. This would have been fun to attend. There attire is just gorgeous and the kids are beautiful children.

  2. Great shots, Carole! I would have loved to see the festival. Wonderful colors, great garb, beautiful people!

  3. This must have been fun to watch and experience in person. It's so nice to see people remembering their heritage.

  4. What a fun show! You should paint some of those children in their headdresses!