Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Great Aceo Holder!

This can be purchased from

Search using ATC Holder or Hanger.

It costs $30.00 plus the hangers which come in packages of 25 for under $5.00 each...can't remember exact price.  The holder comes with the first 25 hangers.  There is an even larger size available but it is meant for hanging up stickers and embellishments for scrapbooking and it is more expensive.

This piece measures about 18 inches high and at the widest point about 12 inches.  These are approximations.

All three rings or levels turn and the hangers move easily on the ring itself.  Each ring is divided into four sections so that you can categorize your ACEOS if you like.

I got tired of never seeing my collection because it was always in a book.  I have select pieces displayed around my house but this constantly reminds me what I have.

There are approximately 100 aceos hanging on this and there is room for a lot more.  I just ordered another 100 hangers.  I hope I can get them all on, but if not I will probably buy another one.

For taking the photos, I placed it on top of a box but I actually have it sitting right next to me on a table so that I can reach out and twirl it whenever I like.

When you first get the hangers they are very stiff.  I had to use needle nose pliers to open themThat worked great.  Enjoy!


  1. Really unique way to display them Carole!

    Nice collection :)

  2. I love it, Maybe I will look into something like this when I set up my new room.

  3. Very fun! I see some familiar ACEOs in there, too ;-)

  4. I love the hangers. You have a LOT of ACEOs. I am beginning to collect them also, but don't have a way to display them yet, so this is good info.

  5. Great idea. It's nice to be able to look at them without damaging the art work.

  6. Very cool Carol - will have to look into this, not sure if I have a place. I don't have anywhere as many collected - working on it;-)