Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Branson Trip!

I had a wonderful time in Branson.  I had been wanting to go for years and years.  These are the shows I experienced but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Shoji Tabuchi Show-violinist
Showboat Branson Belle
Spirit of the Dance
World Famous Platters
Shake Rattle and Roll
Noah, the musical

The shows were fabulous.

 Murder Rock Restaurant and Views.
 Lobby of one of the theaters..this is where I saw Noah.  Noah was amazing.  At one point we were inside of the arc and surrounded on three sides by live animals, mechanical animals, in real time size of the arc as stated by the bible.  Plus the animals would come from the back and walk down all of the aisles right beside you.  AMAZING.

 Inside another theater lobby.  This is where I saw Shake Rattle and Roll.

 Some sights around town to follow.

 That was the beautiful entry way to this great ship.
 All of the shows love audience participation.  This old lady was dancing and waving her napkin above her head.  This was a dinner show.

Inside this theater is the most beautiful bathroom in the USA.  It was incredible.
I had not seen my friend in 38 years.

 This is me with one of the performers on the showboat.  He joked with me throughout the performance because I had asked a really dumb question when he called for questions...LOL...he even presented me with a poodle balloon he had made for me.  During intermission I was taking photos and he was right beside me.  Linda pointed it out.
This is Table Rock Lake.
I think what I appreciated most about Branson is I felt very comfortable in their love of God, love of country, and love of family.  Each performance there was something done in honor of all veterans.  This is a place where people do not avoid saying God, Christ, and Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.
 This is Branson Landing where the fountain play to music punctuated by fire.  Really neat.  This is where the modern outdoor mall was.  Not two blocks from here is where you will find the old town and Dick's 5 and 10.  I had a ball there.  It was retro and frankly just amazing.  I wish I had had an extra suitcase.  I could have gotten all my Christmas shopping done.
 This is where we stayed.
 Our dining area at the bed and breakfast.
 Branson Airport.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Branson.


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. Looks like you had a Blast! Great pics :)

  2. What an exciting looking place. I would love to go there sometime. I was born in Missouri but left when I was 2, it would be fun to go explore the state. So happy for you that you got to see your friend.

  3. Wow sounds like you could pick up and move there in a heart beat. I am so glad you had such a fun trip and got to see your friend. Looks like a beautiful place. Love the look of the bed and breakfast, a very cozy looking place.

  4. Wow! What a time you had! I'm jealous :) hehe...


  5. Wow, looks like you made the most of every moment! Great photos too.

  6. Very cool! Looks like a wonderful place to be. I love the Noah show - bet that was incredible!

  7. We just returned from a trip to Kansas to see my family and passed within about 30 miles of Branson. I haven't seen it since it's grown into such an entertainment center but I can remember the Girl Scouts going there to this all but deserted area to camp! It's come a long way, hasn't it? And it seems to be all good! So glad you enjoyed it!

  8. It was, kathy. :)

    Thanks, Jan. It is a great place.