Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to Sunday Selections! 8-1-10

Every Sunday I spotlight one of my favorite shops.  So far I have done:
1. Lazyhawk

2. Alwaysartistic

3. Tapestry

4.  Pinglitterfae

5.   Lee Pierce 

Today I would like to spotlight MagMoment(Hazel).  I am quite a collector of her beautiful flower ACEOs and that is what I think of when I think of her.

Her Shop
Her Blog 

I would like to spotlight one photograph from each of her shop categories.

Magnolias: NOTECARDS  The image on these notecards I own as an ACEO.

Mixed Media: SUNFLOWER

Aceos:  FLOWER 

As I said when I think of flowers, it is Hazel who pops to mind.


  1. I am lucky to have one of her darling magnolia ACEOs :-)
    I just checked out the sunflower, and what a great idea! turned out wonderfully
    (while I was looking around I realized I hadn't 'hearted' her shop yet, silly me! I always assume I got everyone on our thread bookmarked, lol!)

  2. Great feature; love the items you selected to highlight. I love the notecards.

  3. Thanks for coming by, Anika.

    Pink, I have quite a few. I just can't resist.

    THank you, Linda

    I agree, Johnnie.

  4. I've been away today during all this excitement. Thanks so much for featuring me Carole. I am so glad you have taken a liking to my work and purchased it! I think it was you who first suggested "If you make that image into an ACEO, I'll buy it." When, honestly I wasn't quite sure what an ACEO was... But I found some good info and am happy with my product that I created at your request. So a special thank you to you. But that is what Etsy is all about.

    Thanks to the rest of you for the sweet compliments. I have met many of you on the 7 card draw forum on Etsy, which too, Carole suggested to me. It has been a great addition to my Etsy community. (As is POE where I first met Carole.)

    And, honestly as the end of summer approaches I am wondering what I will photograph till March... Hazel

  5. Another wonderful feature!

    Hazel's photography and art is beautiful and I enjoy her blog!

  6. Great feature, Carole!

    Beautiful photography, Hazel!

  7. THanks for stopping in, Lee. :) and thanks.