Friday, August 6, 2010

Sand DUO

The footprint in the sand kind of symbolizes to me the encroachment of humans on nature.  The Holes show the sand in its natural state.

We all know that people are continuing to encroach on nature and natural habitats.  Here in my area it is quite common now to see bears walking around or up in trees in the middle of a community.

Do you know of a similar situation in your area?

Don't get me wrong....I love enjoying nature ....without that we would probably all be in trouble.   But I do believe in preserving some areas for wildlife. :)


  1. I love sand in photography.

    Wow Bears, that would be a bit scary!

    Yeah I agree with you, they should preserve areas for wildlife more than they do!

  2. Carole, I am so jealous of the beach with you, Oh I love it so and you get to be so close to all the time, wonderful pics!! I sure miss you being around the dawg group!! Hope you are doing good! Hugs Lisa Sign up on the Dawg Blog and My Blog for a free giveaway each :)

  3. Thanks, Lisa. Miss you guys too. Thanks for stopping by. :)