Friday, January 15, 2010

Some of my new greetings cards...Hand folded.


The Parrot is a Birthday Card.  The Candy is a Valentine Card.  The Turtle is a Birthday Card.

For more details see them in my shop in the Greeting Card Section.  Right now if you buy two items from my shop you get free shipping.

I reduced my prices for these drastically as they just weren't selling...I will blame it on the economy...LOL...anyway a lot of time and effort in these.

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  1. Carole, they are great, some of your best so far.

  2. They are beautiful Carole! I haven't had the energy for iris folding (or anything really). I know they take a lot of work, you do such a great job!

  3. These are so cool, Carole! I love the little turtle!

  4. These are lovely! That parrot one is so cool! it sure looks like a lot of work went into creating that!