Monday, July 27, 2009

Lottery Blues - A Story with a Moral.

Lottery Blues

By Carole Shukle

Copyright 1999

Word Count: 945

Valerie, the cat, was a blue point Himalayan with long, silky fur, and she had a tail like a fat feather. She was most proud of her tail.

Her best friend, George, believe it or not, was a chocolate Labrador retriever. His coat was sleek and close to his body, showing off his muscular physique. Even though they were very different, they cared about and supported each other. They even shared an apartment.

One day they decided to purchase lottery tickets together, hoping for untold riches.

“George, what will you do with your money, if we win?” said Valerie, looking deep into his brown eyes.

“Oh, I will donate 10 % to my church and another 10% to my favorite charity, the humane society for people.” George placed his paw to his chin and rubbed it, continuing to think. “I will use the rest to do good works throughout the land.”

Valerie rubbed against him sweeping him with her beautiful tail. “Aren’t you going to do anything for yourself?”

“Sure I am,” he stated. “By doing good for others, I’m doing something for myself.”

“I’ll try to imagine it,” Valerie purred, tossing her head to one side and rolling her blue eyes.

“What about you, Valerie? What will you do with the money?” George wagged his tail and cocked his head listening very intently.

“Oh, the first thing I will do is quit my job at the boutique. One can’t be rich and work a middle class job--it just wouldn’t be appropriate.” Valerie wrapped her luxurious tail about her like a stole, peeking through the fur at George. “Then I would buy a new house in a fancy neighborhood. I would have a pool and lovely gardens. I would buy a Porsche convertible, too. After that, I would travel the world and buy several places, so I could travel, following the seasons. I would spend my time striving to become a famous writer.”

“Won’t you be lonely without your friends?” George looked sad, his ears drooping at the thought of losing his best friend.

“I will make many new friends in my travels, and, of course, my fans will be my friends.”

Valerie stared into space, imagining her fans surrounding her with love and praise. Suddenly, she focused back to the present, noticing George’s forlorn look. “Of course, George, you will be able to visit me anytime you would like--I would never forget you,” she said, placing her paw under his chin and smiling at him.

Wagging his tail, George took comfort in the words of his best friend.

Two days later the two best friends were sitting in front of the television listening to the lottery drawing. “6.”

“We’ve have a six, George.”


George yelped jumping up from the couch, “We’ve got a 22, too.”

They both looked at each other in total disbelief.


“My God, my God,” they screamed at the same time.


“I think I’m gonna faint, George,” Valerie slipped from the stool in front of George, slumping to the floor, taking deep breaths.


Stunned silence. George and Valerie crept into each others arms.

“And, 4.”

Deep howls and high pitched meows erupted from George and Valerie. They rose slowly and started jumping up and down, hugging, and licking each other. They could not believe it; they had won.

They faintly heard the words of the lady on the T.V. set, “This week’s lottery is worth 20 million dollars.”

George and Valerie stared at one another. A few seconds lapsed as the words sunk in.

They both shouted at the same time, “ Ten million dollars each!”

They ran for the kitchen, hunted for that bottle of champagne they kept for special occasions, and babbled plans to each other as they opened the champagne.

Three years later many things had changed in the lives of George and Valerie.

Valerie moved around the world finding inspiration to write from her four beautiful locations: Florida, Alaska, Paris, and Australia. One year ago, she had a bestseller and fame came to her quickly.

Often, while watching television, George spotted Valerie draped in fantastic fake furs, with diamonds sparkling on her toes, her silky tail fluttering coyly like a Chinese fan. Fans would rush her, grabbing at her, tearing her clothes and pulling her fur. Often, she would not sign autographs due to fear of being crushed. She would hide away in her lovely homes. She was very lonely, afraid of having a relationship, for fear she would only be loved because of her wealth.

George, on the other hand, had stayed in their old apartment. He had quit his job at the factory, so he could work on his many charities. He was happy giving to others, but he too was lonely. People constantly came to him begging and harassing him for money. They were not interested in him as a dog, nor did they want to get to know him. They just wanted his money. So, he began to work behind the scenes of his charities, to avoid dealing with greed.

He had not seen Valerie in three years and rarely spoke to her. He decided it was time to change that.

“Hello, Valerie, is that you?”

“George, oh how I’ve longed for your voice and your company. I have missed you terribly,” she purred contentedly into the phone.

George’s tail wagged in his excitement. “Valerie, can I come to see you?”

“Of course, George,” she said, happily nuzzling the phone.

They lived happily ever after, for George proposed to Valerie as soon as he saw her. Valerie, of course, accepted.

Moral: Money cannot make you happy....but it helps, hehehehe!


  1. I like the kitty's name.. heehee ;)
    i wish I could win the lottery too.. but i would take my "George" with me on a whirlwind world tour.