Friday, June 12, 2009

Treasure Hunt Ends Friday June 12th at midnight EST!

I wanted to thank everyone who has already posted on the Treasure Hunt this week and thank everyone who is going to post today, the last day of the hunt.

Good Luck everyone. I wish everyone could win. :)

It has been great fun. :) And, because of that, it is my pleasure to announce to you that there will be another Treasure Hunt on June 22nd. This time it will be photographs of flowers. So, mark your calendars for the Beautiful Flower Treasure Hunt.

The following link will take you back to the Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt Rules.

Link for Rules

If you go the rules, you will find the links to the shop and to the blog of the next participating artist.

Thanks again.


  1. Great fun Carole, hope everyone remembers to post on all the blogs.

  2. The field will definitely be narrowed. I know i have at least one person who got all the way around. I have to wait until I get everyone's results.

    Yes it has been great. Hope we get some more postings today. :)

  3. Yes this has been so much fun!

    Dave you still have lots of time, doesn't end until tonight! :)