Friday, May 8, 2009

Kitty Paper Sack Album!

This is the cover of the album.

This shows two pages without a pocket.

This is a large pocket showing the two cards pulled out.

This shows two pages with the cards inserted in the small pocket.

This shows a small pocket with two cards pulled out.

This is showing to of the full pages without pockets.

This is showing one of the large pockets with the two cards pulled out.

This is a view of two pages. One has the small pocket.

This is peeking into one of the small pockets.

Here is another small pocket with the cards pulled out.

This is looking in the end of one of the large pockets. You can see two cards in there. They are quite large.

This shows the large pocket with the two cards pulled out. There are three large pockets.

Here are the two pages, one with the small pocket with the cards inside of it. Notice the ribbon pulls. There are three small pockets in this album.

Here you see one of the small pockets with the two cards pulled out.

This is the back cover of the album. You'll find a little wisdom here.")

This album measures 6 by 6 and holds a lot of photos. Wallet size photos work best on the pages.

Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can enjoy all the adorable sayings about our kitty friends.


  1. That is really a great little album, you are so clever with all this Carole.

  2. Thanks so much, Marlene. I am glad you came here to see all of the photos. :)

  3. Wow - that is really fun! Love the colors and the creative way you have laid it all out =)

  4. Wow very cool! You must have a lot of patience, I would give up on a project of that size after 2 pages! lol It looks great! Nice pictures of it too!

  5. So so cute!!! I love it! :) of course you know me, I love cats *grin* Very nice Carole!

  6. Thanks, Mel. Glad you like it. :)

  7. Cute! Any cute kitty would love to have their photos in it! ;)