Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part Two of Cruise Photos!

Our Balcony....about half of it.

Our cabin.  It was really great.  I am standing on the balcony taking this photo.

Isn't this great.....swings on the ship....your own front porch!  Deck 11.

Just one of the lounge areas by the pools.

One of the pools.  Another installment will be coming.


  1. This place is huge! I'd be wanting to see all of the ship ;^)

  2. It sure is and I still did not see everything in 7 days.

  3. I can't even grasp the size of this ship! LOL - but I need some of that stuff you took =p Just imagining being out on the ocean is enough for me! LOL! Glad you had soooo much fun!

  4. These are amazing ... I love the pictures, and all the little and large nooks for watching the ship has. I especially like the "porch" swings ... great idea.

  5. Oh so great! I love to cruise and could probably live on a ship. Besides the beautiful surroundings and lovely porch views you get so pampered. Thanks for sharing.

  6. As well you should, Lee. It is great fun exploring.

    Oh don't know what you are missing. Start out on a three day cruise to make sure you will love it.

    Thanks, Linda....this is the most beautiful ship I have been on so far.

    Thanks, Marlene. I am so glad you are enjoying them.

  7. Wow! This is great...I'd love to take Mom on one of these!