Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Critters Are in Your Yard?

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office.  I have a corner window that looks out to my bird feeder which hangs 20 ft. above the ground and is on a pulley system  hanging from a tree.

I normally have birds and squirrels.

This is what I saw:

 The white line is the rope that is holding up the bird feeder.  By the time I grabbed my camera he was already headed down, frustrated.  The branch the feeder is hanging from was too small to support his weight.
 Here he is even further down.  These photos were taken through the sunny window.  Notice the knot.  He stopped there and tried to undo the knot.  Now how did that raccoon know that if he undid the knot the bird feeder would drop to the ground?
 I ran out unto my deck and to my surprise found two more raccoons starting up at me, but they took off running.
 This fellow stood his ground thus allowing me to get three good shots.

 So that was my exciting adventure for the day. :)


  1. Carol what a great little adventure! I know people call them pests, but I had the pleasure of visiting a woman who fostered baby raccoons that were motherless, and they are so adorable, they are just like kittens. They purr, and they make cute noises, and are just as loving and playful.
    Clever little things, lol!

  2. I have always thought they are cute but they are big rabies carriers too. :)

  3. Cute Carole, I love to watch the Raccoons but they can be really mean.

  4. Great reaction and good photogs! Very bold of the raccoon.

  5. How fun! I have to share this with a friend who loves raccoons =) Great photos, Carole and a very fun adventure. That's really something about trying to untie the knot!

  6. I'm the raccoon lover Kathleen speaks of. What a wonderful story. They're smart & curious varmits.
    I don't doubt that it will return to try to untie that knot again.

  7. great pics. Similar thing happened to me but --- it was a big black bear (and I live in the real suburbs). He came by the bird feeders on a tall heavy metal pole and with one arm just swooped the biggest feeder -- walked a few feet away, lay down and ate it... have pics too - will have to find the pics and put the up.

  8. Teehee, Wow...that is something.....yes we have bears too but I have never seen any in my yard but some of my friends who live about 8 miles away have them in their yards too. Scary.

    je.nature, thanks for coming by. I would love to hear more about your story.

  9. Raccoons are so cute. You got some great photos. But aren't they supposed to be nocturnal? I've always heard if they are out during the day that they are sick....wonder if that is true.

  10. Joann...they are nocturnal and recently we have seen them in broad daylight over and over again. Wonder what is happening.

  11. Wow that is an amazing encounter! They are beautiful, and apparently smart!