Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Motto is Never Forget 9-11!

Nine years ago today our lives changed forever.  I am sure each and every one of us can say what we were doing the moment we found out we had been attacked in such a horrific manner.  

Only one other time in my life will I never forget what I was doing at a certain moment and that was the assassination of President John Kennedy.

For Kennedy, I was in my 11th grade history class when we heard the news.  School was closed and we were all sent home.  I cried for days.

On 9-11, I had not been watching TV and my husband called me and told me to sit down.  I was in shock.  I turned on the TV and lived there for the next three days..again crying my eyes out.

God Bless each and every soul who died in the three plane crashes.  God Bless each and every member of their families who have suffered so.  God Bless America!!

What were you doing at these moments?


  1. I was in the lunch room of my Junior High School when president Kennedy was shot and I do remember the feeling of shock and horror and hours spent in from of the television. 9 years ago when our country was so brutally attached I had just got in my car after a water aerobics class and getting ready to drive to work, I had to sit there and listen as I felt sure it was some horrible joke. When I arrived at work some of our clinician's had already set up the TV in the lunch room so we could watch. Many more days were spent in from of the TV at that time. This was a black day in our history.

  2. Thanks, Marlene for taking the time to comment.

  3. Beautiful tribute Carole, we must never forget.
    What an unbelievable event that was, surreal, felt like I was dreaming.
    May we never see day like that again,

  4. surreal... yes. A day I will never forget either as I hope no American does.

    Carole, I meant to write you, my Florida plans and time has been gobbled up! Maybe lunch another time?


  5. I was on my way too work too and heard it on the radio. The tv had already been set up when I got to work. It was a horrible day and I will never ever forget it.

  6. Okay, Jaime. I figured something might have happened. It is hard to plan things like that when you are on vacation. :)

    Thanks for stopping in KPatz.:)

  7. So true, Carole! I was sitting in Social Studies in High School when we got the news about President Kennedy... and then followed days and days of news. It felt the same way on 9/11. I was listening to the radio as I got ready to go to work. *whew* That week, I took my Father's flag (that they gave to Mom when he died) and we flew it in the window at work. It filled the entire window.

    May we always remember the sacrifice!

  8. I was still sleeping when 9/11 happened, what a horrific thing to wake up to. God Bless those who were lost.