Thursday, July 22, 2010

LLBEAN Bag (Medium) for Camera!

Here you are looking at the very wide comfortable strap.

Here you are looking into the main compartment of the bag and this has a zipper closing.  On the right is one lens and in the middle is the other lens.  Where my hand is is where my camera should go but I am taking this photo with it.:)

Now I am showing you where the camera goes with one lens attached to it.  It is a nice big hole.

Another view inside.

This is the front of the bag underneath the flap.  There are 5 to 6 different zipper pockets.  In addition, you can see the large side pocket on the right.  I put my battery recharger in there.

 Another zipper pocket in the front under the flap.

 This shows the whole front with the flap up.

 This shows the whole front with the flap down.

 This shows the wide strap again and padded.

This shows the cell phone pocket on the strap.

This shows the pocket on the other side of the bag and notice the handle too.


This shows me wearing it.  Sorry for the grumpy husband was taking the photos and I was getting tired...LOL  I chose the best one for the bag instead of for my face. :)



  1. Oh this is not a camera bag but I chose to use it as one. It is a cross over bag.

  2. The bag looks like it would be really handy to have. I can see using it for travel and it looks like it holds a lot of stuff.

  3. Now you got me thinking...I got a leather version of this from eddie bauer to use as a briefcase before I retired....Where did I put it? Thanks for the'll hold lenses and filters and cleaner and extra memory cards and probably my little camera too :D

  4. Carole - Wow this looks really comfertable and functional. Thank you for the detailed pictures.

    The camera bag I have is a backpack and goes on your back, which always worries me. One day I may sell it and get something better!

  5. Carole, looks like the perfect camera bag, and you look stylin' with it :-)

    I can't remember if you were asked this before, but is your new camera the Canon Rebel? I've been planning on getting a new camera once I had more funds, but after going to the horse races yesterday, and attempting to photograph reference material for my art, I realized my little digital camera is not meant for any movement. May have to bite the bullet and buy a nice one sooner than expected.
    Your photos always looks so clear and vivid.

  6. Betty, will have to wait for Carole to respond but I think she has one of the newer Rebels, Xsi ot something similar.

    I have the Rebexl XTi and love it!


  7. Great shots of your bag, and you are a very lovely woman. I too am in need of a new camer I keep to one that is high def

  8. Thanks, Pink. Yes it is the latest model of the Canon Rebel. That is correct, Pam

    Thanks are too kind. :)

  9. Mine is the Canon Rebel T1i eos 500 D

    That T(number one)i

    Here is description from my book:
    a high performance digital single lens reflex camera featuring fine detail CMOS sensor with 15.10 effective megapixals. DIGIC 4, high speed 9-point AF, approx. 3.4 fps continuous shooting, live view shooting and full HD movie shooting. Hope that helps. :)

  10. Thanks for the info on the camera bag, Carole. I have a fairly new Canon but not the Rebel and desperately need a good camera bag.

    I've made some adjustments to my Firefox preferences and hope to be able to post here. If you could, please stop by my blog and give me some input on my framing post!


  11. Thanks, Jan. Glad this helped you. I am on my way over.

  12. I need to get something better to carry my digital camera around in. Great shots and explanation of the bag you got.