Monday, June 14, 2010

June 15th Winner!!!

Well, I had a real horse race between Pam (alwaysartistic) and Marlene (lazyhawk) for this month's win.  And they were neck and neck to the very end and at the last second Marlene pulled out and won by a nose.

Marlene had 14 posts for the month to my blog.
Pam had 13 posts.

Congratulations, Marlene.  All three of my shops are open so you can spend your $5.00 gift certificate.  Let me know and I will set up a special listing for you.

I would like to thank the 17 people who took the time to come to my blog and post.  It means so much when people come to your blogs, doesn't it. :)


  1. LMAO Never been in a horse race, too funny! Way to go Marlene! :)

  2. Congrats on the win marlene!

    Wow, readingsully! Its been a while since I came on your blog and I can see that it has gotten a lovely makeover. I am totally loving this layout! Feels good to be back!

  3. thanks, Noble. Glad to have you back.