Friday, April 9, 2010

Two of my friends nominated me for the Sunshine Award!

I would like to thank Kathy and Brenda for my Sunshine Award.  Since I got two nominations, I will give you 12 facts about myself that you may not know.

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 12 facts about myself:

1.  I love to write poetry and have had few poems published.
2.  I used to work looking for missing heirs and had to become a private detective to do it.
3.  I lived in Paris twice in my life...ages 5-9 and 13-17
4.  I lived in Germany once age 4
5.  I made two trips to Hawaii in the same year and I was born in Honolulu.
6.  I collect all sorts of things..boxes, miniatures, cats, aceos etc.
7.  I love certain reality programs and one Soap..Days of Our Lives
8.  I love true murder stories.
9.  I love to look at houses.
10.  I once performed in Oklahoma City as a child on TV.  I danced.
11.  I was in a serious horse accident when I was nine in Oklahoma.
12.  I was in a boat accident where my boat flipped and sank in Florida

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  1. Wow Carole I knew you were a military (navy?) brat but did not realize how many places you have lived and been.

  2. Yes, I also lived in VA, TX, AL, CA....LOL

  3. Congrats on your well deserved award! And thanks so much for choosing me as one of your award recipients :)

  4. Your Fact #2 sounds intriguing!

    I had to chuckle when you said you collect cats. You have a lot of real cats, but I know you mean cat themed objects:)

  5. OH, was Air Force. :)

    Thanks, HeyHarriet and Juana.

  6. LOL, I nominated you a third time!

    I really envy that you got to live in France twice :-)

  7. LOL - you are popular, Carole *nods* we all love you!
    Holy cow - your boat sank???
    I don't think I have traveled to as many places as you have lived! lol!

  8. Great to learn more about you, sounds like you have had a really interesting life!