Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drawing on the 15th! Important Information

Hello Dear Followers,

I will be out of town this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and may not post the winner until the following Sunday.  This is the last month for the drawing with a $10 gift certificate.

There are new contest rules for the following month.  See details at the top of my blog.  It is written in yellow.

I thought this might spur a little friendly and fun competition between my followers and give them some incentive to come into my blog and post. :)



  1. Hope your being out of town means you are having a fun adventure of some kind. "See" you when you return.

  2. Thanks, Marlene. I am going to Cocoa Beach and meeting up with a girlfriend I have not seen since high school. :) It should be fun.

  3. How fun, Carole - have a great time!