Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art in My Home Post #4

We are on the east wall of my office now.  This is a portrait of my mother when she was in her forties.  It is done in pastels.

This shows you the window above the door leading out to the deck.  I have some collectible things from Alaska sitting there and there is a wood cat dandling off the corner of the door.

This is another fascinating watercolor done by Strouble.  This is one of my absolute favorites of his work.  We are now on the south wall of my office.

Here I have the flag I got from my Dad's funeral.  The two stained glass pieces are two that I did myself.  I still have all of the equipment and stuff that goes along with it but just never took it back up...not yet anyway.  There are two photos here of my daughter when she was younger.

This is a type-set drawer full of miniatures and also my Mother's lighter collection.

This is a very modernistic cat.  I love him!

This is an interesting photograph I bought at an art show.  The black cat is superimposed on to a night time shot of a lake with lightning in the background.

This is an interesting piece too.  It almost looks like a continuous line drawing.  I love the attitude captured of this cat.

Moving to the west wall is another type-set drawer filled with miniatures.  The chicken bones were retrieved off the bottom of Blue Springs.  LOL, I thought I had something special.  I did find a few sharks' teeth though.  This is on the west wall of my office.

Also on the west wall are these photographs I took when I was in Minnesota of their beautiful sunflower fields.

That is everything in my special sanctuary.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Next stop will be my living room.


  1. Carol you really have some fun art on your walls. That is a great portrait of your mom and I love the cats, all of them but the modernistic one is my fav. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Marlene. I am so glad you are enjoying my art.

  3. very nice! i like the type-set drawers!

  4. Beautiful art Carole. Wow I love that sunflower set, I would love to see those fields in person!

  5. That is such a cool art portrait of your mother.
    I love all the cat art work! Thanks for the tour.

  6. Very fun, Carole! Love the pastel of your Mom - so pretty! Great cat artwork, too - the on ink one does look like a continuous line drawing - it's very fun!