Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Everyone!

I hope this is turning out to be a very special day for you today.  I wish you a little romance, a lot of love, and many good times.

I am celebrating Valentines  with some other couples who are friends.  We are meeting up at a restaurant and then having dessert at one of the couple's house.  It should be fun!

Have a great day.


  1. Oh, Carole, it sounds like you will have a really nice, fun day. Enjoy!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Thanks for stopping by. It is always nice to hear from you.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Have a lovely time! Happy Valentine's Day!


  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved one.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

    xo- Cat :)

  5. That sounds like a fantastic way to spend Valentine's Day. Hope you had an awesome time :)