Friday, January 29, 2010

The Garden Club and Bunco!

I am not a member of the Garden Club in my area but I was invited by a friend to attend a Bunco Luncheon.  Sounded like a lot of fun and it was.

My little bunco group has twelve people in it.  Today 100 ladies and 25 tables made for a very interesting experience.

First of all, if you are not familiar with bunco it is a ball.  Here are the basics.  Three dice are used.  You start on ones and work up to the sixes.  You play with a partner.  You get one point for every ONE you roll.  If you roll three ones when you are on ONES, then you have a Bunco which counts for 21 points.  If you roll thee of any other number while on ONES, then that is 5 points.

There is a head table that determines when the hand ends.  When the head table reaches 21 points, they ring a bell and it is over. Games are counted as well as Buncos.  Buncos are separate from the games.

Now we move on to TWOS.

Anyway, I did not win a thing today but I actually did.  I saw a sorority sister I had not seen in years and I saw a teacher I used to teach with.  Those two things made my day.  It is so nice to reconnect with old friends.  Friendships are just too precious to lose.


  1. How fun. I played Bunco years ago and I loved it.
    I haven't thought about Bunco for years. It is a fun game and it gets you out to relax.

  2. Glad you have fun and reconnected with old friends. I have not played Bunco in Years but used to really look forward to our monthly games.

  3. I really enjoy it, Patti. YOu should start a small group of your own. :)

  4. It gets me away from the computer. LOL.

  5. first time to hear about this game.
    How fun to reconnect with friends!

  6. Juana, Bunco is really a huge deal here in Florida anyway. There are groups everywhere playing.