Monday, December 7, 2009

#4 Christmas Trees!

This is a photograph of a dessert my husband made for our guest for one of his Christmas Dinners.  They are Rice Crispy Treat Christmas Trees. :)  The platform is carved foam made to look like snow.
*Christmas Trees- The use of Christmas trees began in Germany. German immigrants brought the tradition with them to America. Decorations included popcorn strings and lighted candles. Those candles were indeed dangerous and the cause of many Christmas tree fires.

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**Long before anyone set up the first Christmas Trees people brought winter greenery into their homes.  The superstition was that if you forgot this custom, spring might forget to return next season! Of course, that's not the only magic of the tree: winter greenery is thought to keep away witches, spirits, and other evil forces.

People would actually decorate greenery long before Christmas superstitions came about, but they'd decorate the bushes outside their homes. Why? Because they figured those evil spirits were looking for shelter (I guess they don't like winter, either) and they didn't want them moving into their homes.

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Other Christmas Cards Available too.


This is our tree at home. :)

Just a sampling of some of my Hallmark Ornament collection and other ornaments :)

This was a happy accident when I photographed our outdoor tree lights. :)

I think the Christmas Tree is definitely the center of our Christmas celebration at home. 

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  1. Carol you are educating us as well as showing us lovely photos!
    your tree is gorgeous! and how about that happy accident? I would love that to happen to me, easy digital art,without the work, lol!

  2. Thanks, Pink. I learned a lot myself. :) I know...I love the accident. :)

  3. I like the happy accident. :) ~Cassie

  4. love the accident! my... you're so ready already!
    hold on to that husband!!!

  5. the dessert looks yummy!...and i love the last intriguing!

  6. Beautiful trees and great info! Very cool light effect in that 1 photo!