Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photomcgee's Treasury.....and she chose one of mine...:)

Please give her Treasury a lot of love.  I believe it is her first Treasury.

Photomcgee is a wonderful photographer and I encourage you to visit her shop.  She also has just started doing ACEOs.....Yeah another convert!  Actually, I am waiting for a certain flower to become an ACEO :)


  1. Thanks rsully. Thanks for putting my treasury in your blog.

  2. I opened and etsy store, but I still haven't spent the time there to figure out what a treasury is, and these gift nominations, etc., etc. sounds complicated!

  3. Hi Deb....A treasury is something you have to capture. They have a certain number of them allowed at one time. When it reaches the magic number you have to be there to type in your title...then you simply load in your selections using their listing numbers. I am not sure what you mean by gift nominations...:)