Saturday, November 7, 2009

I went shopping, too.:)

Tapestry's horses are the best in town. She brings them to life. I can dream about riding like I did as a kid in Oklahoma. :)
I love birds and have become very attached to Pam's bird Jessie. So I could not resist these lovely birds by Lazyhawk.
Being a Florida girl I have a great love for wildlife and love to photograph it. I could not resist Lazyhawk's lovely painting.
Tulips are my favorite flower so I could not resist this photo by Alwaysartistic. :)

Isn't this a lovely one from Pinkglitterfae? It grabbed me right away.


  1. what a great selection you got yourself!
    this sale is fun, I did some shopping myself, and I am not done yet :-)

  2. Beautiful choices! Thank you for purchasing my tulips!

  3. Thanks, Pam and Pink. Oh Pink, have fun doing some more shopping. :)

  4. Thank you for your purchase, I am so glad they are going to be in the home of such a dear friend. Thank you for posting them also! I went shopping myself and have just a bit more to do. I did not think about posting my purchases but that may be an upcoming blog as I got some great things.

  5. I did not think of it either, Malene. I am copying Pam. LOL

  6. Wow - you were very busy! Thanks for your purchase from me =) Looks like you added some wonderful art to your collection!!!