Monday, November 9, 2009

Continuing With My Romance Theme....

Now you can visualize the intensity of the movement.

Are we nuts or what to do this?

Do we have a romance with danger?

Arms out...relaxed

Head back....brave

Hair flying...enjoying

A bird

Comfortable with themselves....

Where lovers can be found...

Where daredevils can be found....

Where flyers can be found....

Where most everyone can be found.....

Where children can be found....

What can be more romantic than going to the fair on a fall evening with your husband, boyfriend, or significant other. Bright lights, a bright moon, screams from people riding terrifying rides, laughter, animals, games and challenges and greasy a fair appeals to all of our senses at once.


  1. Wicked photography Carole! the ones shot in the dark turned out great!

  2. These are all beautiful! I love fairs and rides when it comes to photography. My favorite ride is the swings, I've always enjoyed them except the one time I went on them and started thinking about what if the wing broke! lol

    I also like that 1 boat, that swings, goes really high, I used to love to go on the top part - this was as a kid, I would be chicken now probably!

  3. I went on one of those boat swings...I have never been so scared in my entire life. I had never heard a blood curdling scream escape from my mouth before. I really thought I was going to die. I kept lifting out of seat...there was some flimsy bar but no belt.....LOL

  4. LOL Yeah I remember the feeling of flying out of your seat! I've only been on it a few times but always loved it! But I don't go on any other scary rides, too chicken! Wouldn't be good with Asthma & my heart anyways!

  5. Well, that swing looked so sweet and innocent. Yikes.

  6. Fabulous! I'm always too scared of losing my camera at the annual fair. I like the swing ride ones best - they're so carefree.

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  9. How fun! Yes, this is a lot more romantic that the park-n-swap *winks*