Monday, October 5, 2009

New Rules for the Odd Angles Treasure Hunt!

Welcome to the our Treasure Hunt this week. :) (Monday Oct. 5th-Friday Oct. 9th)

You will have SIX blogs to visit. Please follow the blogs IN ORDER so that you complete the loop and don't get lost. To be a QUALIFIED ENTRANT in the drawing, you MUST COMPLETE THE LOOP BY POSTING IN EACH BLOG.:)

EACH BLOG has their INDIVIDUAL RULES so please take the time to read each person's rules.

If you should run into any technical problems along the way, please let any of us know right away. We will get back to you with a way to solve the problem. For example. Say, one blog is not up and running properly, then skip to the next one and keep posting, but let us know so we can try and fix the problem. We will get back with you so you can complete the loop. :)

If you need to contact me you can convo me from either of my shops or just post a message here on my blog. Thanks.

Carole --> Pam
Pam --> Marlene
Marlene --> Kathy
Kathy --> Allie
Allie --> Christine
Christine --> Carole

2. Pam

I will post ten (10) photographs separately so you can comment on each photo. Every time you comment you get another chance to win. Also in each post you will see a link to the next blog in the hunt and also a link to their shop.

If you go into my new shop rsully2sphotography and send me a message from there, you will get an additional entry. Please include the following three things:

1. Odd Angles Treasure Hunt
2. Link to your favorite photo
3. Tell me why you like it

You are playing for one (1) FREE ACEO from either of my shops:

If you are a FOLLOWER of my blog now and post to my Treasure Hunt you will get an extra entry for each post. How is that for incentive! :)

If you SIGN UP TO FOLLOW my blog during the Treasure Hunt and post to my blog, you will get a one time three (3) extra entries. Wow! :)

IF SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT PLAYED BEFORE, posts and tells me that her friend (name) told her to come and play then both of you will get one (1) extra entry. You can't beat that!

Please have fun and take your time as you have a 5 days to complete. However, I would strongly advise that you make the loop once and post at each first....then you can take your time posting more for extra entries.



  1. Allie and Christine...I could not get the two above links to work. I don't know why. They were fine yesterday when I tested them. I went in this morning and they will not be fixed, but they are working everywhere else. So should be fine.

  2. Nevermind, both links are working. They just look funny. LOL

  3. Let the hunt begin! This will be lots of fun once again!