Sunday, September 27, 2009

I thought I would give you all a good laugh....

This is kind of a funny story.

I was looking for unusual mailboxes.
I think I hit the jackpot. Don't you?

Florida is famous for unusual and creative mailboxes.
You might think this is for Halloween..LOL...but this stays up year around. I debated for a long time if I had the nerve to knock on the creator's door because I had to pull into his driveway.

Now let me describe this place. It sits right on a busy road. His house has a rebel flag on the roof and various symbols hanging on the walls of the house. I immediately thought he was probably marching to his own drum beat.

I was not sure if it was a private residence or a club of some kind...maybe a motorcycle gang hang-out, or something worse. I did not know but I knew I had to get a photo. So, I knocked on the door.

It opened immediately. A man with dirty hair down to his mid-back answered the door looking at me through the screened door. When he found out what I wanted, he smiled a mostly toothless grin, but his eyes stayed glazed over.....are you thinking what I am thinking?

Anyway, he happily informed me that two to three people a day stop by and ask permission to photograph his mailbox.

Well, I learned a lesson today. Don't judge a book by its cover!!! But I probably wouldn't want to read this book either.

He was very nice to me and I thank him for allowing me to capture these fun photos. :)


  1. Do you think it would make a good Halloween ACEO?

    If so, which version would be the best one?

  2. Wow... that is the craziest mail box I have ever seen. It must make the mailman smile every day too. ;)

  3. haha, this is a great story! and by you being brave, you got yourself some wicked photos :-D

  4. this is great. your subtle humor is even better. you made me laugh today :)

  5. That is so cool!

    Sure I think it would make a nice ACEO - I like #1 best!

  6. Thanks, Pam. I will think about it. LOL

  7. What a great story. You are brave, tho!! lol

    I think you should do a series of ACEOs and post them all!

  8. That is by far the most unique mailbox I have ever seen!! Good for you for spotting it, and for getting permission to photograph it :)

  9. Thanks, SK...LOL

    Thanks, Tali.

    So glad you guys came into read it. :)