Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Love to Photograph Wildlife!

I was driving through a small down close to where I live when I saw this Sand Hill Crane. I pulled over and snapped this shot through the open window of my car.

I was walking down a road when suddenly this gorgeous Blue Heron flew over by me. I did not see him coming. I was out walking looking for something to photograph. I swung around and started clicking as fast as I could. What a happy surprise when I downloaded my photos.


  1. I love the birds, they are some of my favorite wildlife. We feed the birds in our yard and I love to watch them. Your photo's are awesome.

  2. Me too! Especially wild life you don't see every day! I love the great blue heron because I LOVE that bird. But I think your Crane is just beautiful, I love how the background is blurred and the subject is so clear. Beautiful pictures Carole!

  3. And p.s. I think we need another installment of your story! lol

  4. Thanks, so much Pam. The fact that you like my photography means a lot coming from a photographer like yourself.

    My story has been completed. It was a 'short story'. But I could put up something else.

  5. Brilliant, and - yes - are there any more? if so, let's see!

  6. Hi Carole...

    Your welcome!

    Oooh completed, didn't even thing of that! Well loved it anyways!


  7. Stunning heron shots!

    I love the wide awake, "Hello, who are you?" expression in the bird's eyes in the first photograph.

    And what are those gorgeous, vibrant flowers in the background in the second photograph? Those colours really are something else?

  8. Thanks, Marlene. Glad you are enjoying the photos.

    Thanks, Linden. :)

    Hi, Dave. It is nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by. :)