Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Am Honored to Accept the Kali Award and to Pass It On.

Link back to: The Winner of My Monthly Drawing

I would like to thank Marlene from Marlene's Musing for honoring me with this award. Please visit her
Etsy shop and her Blog.

Marlene is a wonderful artist and I think you will find a great variety to choose from in her lovely shop.

This is a Kali Award and is given because:


… Understand the only devil is the evil created by each man; it is the shadow that follows each of us.

… Accept the shortcomings of others because you admit and laugh at your own.

… Does not search for the light because it is not lost and you know exactly where it is.

… Knows that good…is not so good and that bad is not is not as bad as people make it out to be.

… Does not represent darkness as a fluffy fairy wearing black, but for what it is: reality- wrinkles, warts and all.

…Is drawn naturally that is which is taboo and forbidden because of the essential truth hidden behind those labels.

… Love the imperfections of life.

… You communicate these principles within your blog artistry.

Those who recieve this award: Please pass it on to 1-3 blog artists that you feel fit with your idea of the Kali award. Do not forget to link to those you award and those who gave you the award.


Amanda Fall and her blog is Persistent Green
Her Etsy Shop is a wonderful place to visit. She is a great artist and I love the colors she chooses to use. She is an amazing and inspirational person.


  1. Carole thank you for your comments about my shop, you are so sweet.

  2. Congrats Carole, and Congrats Amanda too!

  3. Aww, what a treat to come find this! You are such a kind soul. Your encouragement helps me keep going. Thank you!