Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This poem is full of symbolism. How do you interpret it?


The ground consists of moving gears

and shifting catwalks.

It cranks

like the inner workings of a giant watch.

Metallic clinking

and scraping noises fill

the air. The turning toothy wheels pull

cords which change

the surrounding

landscape. Mountains rise out of the ground

like erupting volcanoes

and later disappear

behind trap doors to be replaced with paper trees

and tissue grass.

Brain-shaped clouds,

the color of café au lait, float

precariously overhead.

Fans spin birthing

wind-moans of agony. Water

dumps onto metal sheets

poked full of holes,

creating purple rain and a thunderous roar. The black

sun rises and sets

by mechanical

means. It’s a land of darkness. I walk with care

for fear of losing

my step

and being mangled in the maniacal machines.

Copyright © 1999 Carole Shukle. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Beautiful poem Carole!

    Every situation here would make for a wonderfully fun Halloween theme.

  2. Wow what a imagination you have to write something like this! Good Job!