Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Poetry...another part of my life.

It has been awhile since I have written some serious poetry. My husband tells me it is hard for me now because I am finally happy. LOL Well, whatever the truth may be, I decided to share with you some of my old poetry.

This poem was written about my daughter when she was born. I had to remember back quite a few years to remember my feelings. She was born in 1970.


By Carole Shukle



Lilliputian hand,

perfect in tiny details,

grasps my thumb

and nestles there

between two



pink rectangles

tip her fingers.

A tiny palm,

like a kitten’s pad,

presses against me.

Her diminutive thumb,

ripe for sucking, curls around

my own.

Tissue-paper skin

reveals minute

pulsing blue rivers.

My fingers

trace the flow.

I touch

each elfin sliver,

as the fierceness

of her grip

claims me

as her own.

*Published in The Cypress Dome, University of Central Florida, Spring, 1997.

*Published in Anthology Fifteen, Florida State Poets Association, October, 1997.


  1. Carole, this is really remarkable!

  2. Thanks, Karen...LOL Well, that makes me feel good. :)

  3. Wow, Carole - congrats on it being published, too!

  4. Thanks, Kathy....supposedly when you are published and you publish anywhere including the internet you are required to mention who has published you. It is a courtesy, I guess. I never quite understood the practice.

  5. Carole that is a very lovely, moving poem. You should put that in a card.

  6. This is a wonderful poem of love.

  7. Thanks for sharing that one. It works very well and made for enjoyable reading. Sorry you can't read mine. I used the same tags as for "Mirror Mirror on the Wall", but they didn't work in quite the same way. It appears differently in different browsers. I don't know which browser you are using, but it must have a facility for increasing the font size. (Couldn't find your email address, sorry.)

  8. Thanks, Marlene. I appreciate that.:)

    Thank you so much Poetic Artist. Glad you stopped in. :)

    Hey, Dave. LOL Well I am not that computer knowledgeable. My browser is Firefox. But I will try and figure it out, so I can read your great poetry. No problem at all. You can write to me here any time. :)

  9. It's so lovely.. what a great poem.. you are so talented!
    I have no poetry skills in me at all... eep!

  10. Wow, that is a priceless piece of poetry. I love it! :)

  11. Thank you, Jocelyn. :) That means a lot.

  12. Wow I can almost picture your daughter in your arms, what a moving peom. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  13. You are welcome, Pam. I am so delighted that you are enjoying them. :)