Friday, June 19, 2009

It is Amazing How Poetry Gives You Insight Into Someone's Life

The great thing about poetry is that it can give the reader insight into someone's life. You can capture a moment in the life of a person.

But greater than that, is if the poem strikes a universal code. If you can achieve this, then sometimes you have actually put into words what someone else might have felt or is feeling right now.

I enjoy sharing my writing and I hope you will come back in to read it.


The last two posts have been poems. I love to read your comments. :) Just click on "Older Posts".

Monday will be another Treasure Hunt. This time for Beautiful Flowers. Please come and comment for a chance to win a free ACEO. Last week we had eleven qualified people to make the drawing. To be qualified, all you have to do is make the loop of participating artists. There are links to the next person in line. We would love to break that record. Can you help us do that?


  1. oh.. can't wait for the treasure hunt! ;)

  2. Looking forward to next week, also looking forward to reading some more of your lovely poems.

  3. Wow, Carole - this makes me want to go find that old book of poetry I have stashed somewhere...

    Looking forward to our next treasure hunt! Fun, fun fun!

  4. thanks, Kathy. :) Bring it out...Kathy. LOL

  5. Poetry can be so great, both to write & read. There are so many known & unknown greats!
    Al Purdy is a fave of mine.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looking forward to reading all your poetry Carole! Can't wait for the treasure hunt! :)

  7. Thanks, either....I am looking forward to the Treasure Hunt.