Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Sand Dunes National Monument- A Poem

These are photos I took of the fabulous dunes. This was long before digital cameras.
The people in the top photo shows people so that you can see how huge these dunes are.

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Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Alamosa, Colorado

By Carole Shukle

Copyright 1999

Deep green trees, rounded

like topiaries,

dot the rolling, kelly-green

hills in the foreground.

In the far distance

tall mountain peaks stand

straight like soldiers saluting the valley

below. They wear snow caps

with pointy white fingers stretching

downward meeting

their army green uniforms.

Puffy, gray clouds perch low

to the horizon and stare with grumpy

eyes threatening to cry on the wonders below.

For eons winds whipped the sand

into gigantic, rippling dunes.

These moving mountains

kneel at the feet of the foot soldiers,

captured and jailed, with no way of escape.

A queue of fifty hikers,

like a line of tiny ants marching to a picnic,

attempt to scale her sides.

Shadow and light play across golden dunes

creating a surreal ever-changing canvas of color

and texture.

At the base of the dunes, a lazy river

flows at ankle depth with no banks

to hold it deep. Children frolic.

I wonder who kidnapped the dune

from its mother, the sea,

and hid it here for us to ponder.

Such a mystery--I snapped the shot.

***After a time I quit submitting my poetry for publication. So, what I am sharing now is just some poetry I've written a long time ago.


  1. Carole this is beautiful! Those dunes are probably just like the Grand Canyon - much more magnificent in person than anything the photos can convey. The pictures are great too though!

  2. Great shots Carole, I love the way the sand and the snow capped mountains enhance each other, the juxtaposition is beautiful.

  3. Wow Carole - Beautiful photos & poem too! What a beautiful place to photograph!

  4. Thanks, Pam. It is strange that these Dunes are no where near water except for the stream at the bottom. This is South Central Colorado. I was really blown away.

  5. You have a really beautiful way with words, Carole. I love this poem! And the dunes.. that photo is awesome! :D

  6. Thanks, Jocelyn. That means a lot. :)

  7. LOL I thought it was Florida, but I didn't remember seeing dunes in Florida! I was reading my blogs when I first woke up and I guess I wasn't quite awake yet! ha ha ha

  8. No...not Florida. We do have some Dunes but just small ones. LOL

  9. I LOVE these pictures. And I also like that you had the courage to agree with me over at Dave's blog!

  10. Carole, Beautiful photos as well as the poem. Thanks for sharing both. Judy

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  12. Jeanne, thinking about Dave...I was not really thinking about courage....I took him at his word on asking for a critique. I would always welcome constructive criticism. :) I feel it was given with a positive attitude. Hey, if anyone wants to help me out, please feel free to do so. I feel most of us can always improve. Even my published poetry, I am sure could be improved upon. :)

  13. Wow! They really do dwarf the dunes I'm used to along the East Coast barrier islands. Many here are man made to stop erosion fo the beaches but there are two in the N.C. Outer Banks that are true living dunes and they shift with the times. One is the dune the Wrtight brothers flew from.

    By the way I have awarded you the Honest Scrap Award. Please see my blog for details.

  14. Thanks, Ramblin Mama. LOL I have been awarded the Honest Scrap Award already....but I really do appreciate it. :)

  15. Does that mean that you are no longer writing poetry? That would be a shame. Lovely photos too.

  16. Oh my goodness, Carole! you are so incredible talented! And such beautiful photographs! Thank you so much!

  17. Dave, I have not written serious poetry since 1999. My husband jokes that it is because since I married him....I'm happy so I have nothing to draw from. LOL

    I would love to get back to it, actually. You have inspired me again.

    Thanks, so much, Dave.

  18. Thanks, so much Allie. :) My greatest pleasure is derived when people really enjoy my poetry.:)

  19. Carole, you have an award on my blog when you get a chance:

  20. Great photos!.. such an amazing vista you have captured.