Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Cat Grizzy!!!

I thought I would introduce you to all of my four cats. Grizzy will soon be 15 years old. I found Grizzy while on vacation in Alaska. She was yelling her head off in a parking lot and she had entrenched herself in the wheel-well of a car. She was making so much noise that I thought she was a grown cat. When I finally got her out she was a little ball of fur that fit into the palm of my hand. I checked with the establishment located there and they told me the kitten was not theirs and that it was a popular dumping place for animals.

At the time I was not married but travelling with a boyfriend and I convinced him we should bring the kitten home. He owned a vacation home in Alaska. We were up there for the whole summer. We were enthralled with our little kitten. She was very adept at chasing little stuffed mice and then bringing it back and dropping it right in front of us, so we could throw it for her again. She was like a dog in that respect. I named her Grizzy because she reminded me of a tiny grizzly bear. She was solid grey and her little ears were all rounded instead of pointy. We decided to travel that summer using a motorhome which we later purchased. So the three of us did all of Alaska and then took the Alacan Highway down all the way through Canada to Montana. I ended up flying her home to Florida, while my boyfriend stayed North. We had a long distance type relationship.

I was well prepared for that trip home. I was concerned about her disturbing people so I had gone to a Vet for tranquilizer. It turned out I did not need it because Grizzy meowed one time on take- off and once for the landing. She was under the seat in front of me. I had put a diaper in the bottom of her carrier in case she had to go, so it would make for a quick change and clean-up. At our lay-over I took her into the restroom and unfolded my make-shift litter box which was a card board box and filled it with littler from a zip lock bag. She gathered quite an audience as she used it. Everyone was laughing. it was hilarious.

She has been a great cat and an expensive one. We call her our $2000.00 cat. One day she got into the motor part of my husband's truck under the hood and when my husband started the truck she got caught in the fan belt and it ripped her leg badly. We almost lost her. However, we rushed her to the vet and she ended up with a specialist who reconstructs this type of damage. So she now has a titanium pin in her leg and she limps slightly. But, other than that she has lead a good life. Recently she started losing weight. She was diagnosed with a thyroid condition so I have to put cream in her ear twice a day now.

Grizzy adores me. She is always close by if not on top of me. She sleeps with me. If my husband walks in the room and she is on a chair close by, she immediately heads for my lap. It is kind of a joke now. In bed at night she will go to him for about one pet and then does a u-turn and settles nearly on top of my head. She likes to groom me but that drives me crazy.

I love her a lot and dread the day she will no longer be with us.


  1. Carole, thanks for sharing your story, Grizzly has come a long way with you. I'm glad he is ok after his accident!

  2. Thanks, Pam. :) Grizzy girl is a fabulous cat.:)

  3. Grizzly looks just like our LuLu! And we have often commented on how LuLu looks like a little bear.

  4. Such a sweet story about Grizzy! Glad she survived the fan belt.

    I flew with my Cat from Mexico via California to Japan. You have given me the idea to post about this trip on my blog!

  5. Grizzy is a beautiful blessing. How sweet that you found one another!

  6. Thanks Gallery...oh I can't wait to read it.

  7. I am so happy to hear your hubby supports your animal love. It is so awful to have someone say NO to a vet bill, with the added comment: "Its just a cat!" Like you can get another and let one go...sad.

  8. Hello Grizzy!
    You are just beautiful!! Wanna come over and play with Schvartz?