Friday, May 15, 2009

.Honest Scrap Award Update!!!

Gallery Juana nominated me for this lovely award. I am accepting it and intend to follow through with it over the next few days. I will be keeping you informed as to my progress.

Gallery sent me this note:

Also, I am dropping by to present you with an award. Details are at my post. Should you choose to accept it, this award is yours. Find out why I love your blog at:

Thank you, GalleryJuana. :)

Well, I am suppose to select seven of my favorite blogs and tell you why I like them, so here goes:
(Presented in no particular order).

1. Always Artistic- Pam lives in Canada. She is a fabulous artist and photographer. One of the things I most enjoy about her blog is some of her daily life things she presents to us along with wonderful photos. I especially enjoy her wild life photos. She has a lovely bird named Jessie, as well.

2. Gallery Juana- Juana lives in Japan. I know this is a place I probably will never visit but on her blog she brings it to life for me. Her blog is kind of like a mini documentary of her life there along with her fabulous photos and art. In addition, her unique perspective on the world around her is just plain unique and very very interesting.

3. Tapestry316- Kathleen lives in Arizona. She is a riot. Her humor keeps me entertained and happy and she is so excitable. She is absolutely the best animal artist and most of her work is in watercolor. Her horses are not to be beat! Another thing I enjoy on her blog is she allows us to follow some of her work as she paints it. It is fabulous.

4. Marlene's Musings- Marlene has a very interesting blog. She shares her thoughts with us on a variety of subjects. I always feel like I will learn something new and interesting at her blog. She is a fabulous artist. I enjoy her mini art history presentations, as well.

5. Beechy Keen- I could not say it better than this dynamic duo. "This is the rambling, prose and banter of two silly, hardcore Californians. Jen and Crystal welcome you into their world of periodic glitz and glamour, misadventures and ponderings. Enjoy and comment!" This blog is just a lot of fun.

6. Heart On Sleeve Art- This young lady does some really unusual things. I think you will enjoy her work. Here is what she says about herself: "I am a multi- medium artist! I love painting on glass, canvas, put it in front of me I'll paint it! " I love her passion.

7. Life As We Know It By Paula- I love to scrapbook and so does Paula. She says the following about herself: I am Paula, wife to Keith and a mother to three great kids. I love to scrapbook (this could easily take over my life!). I am always coming up with ideas for new things to make (see my Etsy shop). I am silly and love to have fun and make people laugh. My main purpose in life right now is taking care of my family while trying to scrapbook it all! So check out is colorful and happy blog.

The second requirement to accept this award is to tell you something about myself. I will try and hit on things that you won't find in my profile.

Things About Me:

1. For a short time I was a private detective.
2. I am a grandmother to a darling five year old granddaughter.
3. My father, my two brothers, and my husband have all had military careers.
4. I love cats and I have four of them.
5. I have lived overseas in my youth for more than half of my life.
6. I was born in Honolulu five years after Pearl Harbor was bombed.
7. I love all things creative and my mind is constantly trying to think up new things.
8. Paris is my favorite city.
9. I am a published poet.
10. I was a Dean in a high school for five years.


  1. Wow Carole, I am honored to be chosen on your blog! Hmmm I'm trying to picture you as a Private Detective, lol, I've never known a PI before. Do I have to do anything with this ? Pick new people or ? I have no idea about this stuff! :)

  2. This award, if you accept it, requires you to select 7 blogs that are your favorite and to tell why you like each blog. Then, you list 10 things about yourself. That's it. :)

    Thanks, Pam.

  3. Carole this is interesting - a Private Eye huh? That is cool, so is being the Dean of a High School, and being a published poet, you are very multi-talented. Glad I learned more about you.

  4. Thanks, Marlene....I guess we all have our little surprises. :)

  5. Thank you Carole for this award!! Soon I will be following through on what I need to do to accept this!


  6. Carole hi! It seems my instructions were a bit different from yours :) I just saved the emblem, then loaded it on my 'Page Elements - add a gadget - picture'. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks, AMIdesigns...I will have to try that.

  8. Hi! OMG I completely missed this post and your comment when you left it forever ago!! I'm going to accept the award now finally and get it up on our blog Beachy Keen! :)

    Thank you soooooo much and sorry for the belated response!! :)