Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny Story!

I went shopping today with a friend. On the way to our destination, I get a phone call from my husband. He says in a serious tone, "Would you like to explain to the sheriff why you turned on the alarm system while I was out on the back deck working?" Well, to make a long story short.....I thought there was a sheriff there but it turns out he was pulling my leg. Now I ask you...what do you expect when it is constantly hammered in my head to lock the door when I leave. LOL.

But even funnier, he continued with the same conversation, "After finishing the work on the deck, I went in to take a quick shower and I heard running water. (Well, I should tell you that my husband has no hearing in one of his ears, so as a result it is hard for him to make out some noises or to make out the direction they are coming from.) He continued, "It sounded like the toilet was running, so I took off the lid and and was fooling with the ball inside and broke it off, so now I have to fix that. But then, I realized I was still hearing the noise, so I turned around and looked around, and you left your vibrating toothbrush on and it was rattling the cup you have it in." By now I am laughing so hard that it is hard to drive and talk at the same time. (I don't usually talk on my cell while driving.) It was just too funny. His day was not going well. :)

Just as a vibrating toothbrush has been giving me trouble will not start...or it will start only if I hold it.....or you just don't know. Well, this morning I could not get it to work while I was brushing soI put it away without hitting the little button again. I guess it started on its own. LOL, I am still laughing about that one.

My poor hubby!!!


  1. Very funny Carole, It reminded me of the time my daughter went to do laundry at our house while we were at some friends, long story short my granddaughter (2 at the time) was playing with the phone while mom wasn't looking and accidently hit our emergency code for our alarm system and the cops showed up with guns drawn. She had to call us so I could tell them who she was.

  2. LOL...Marlene.

    So glad to have you back....I so enjoy your comments here.

  3. Very funny, Carole! LOL!

    and Marlene =) that's a stitch, too!