Saturday, April 4, 2009

Camping....Good for the Soul.

I am 62 and went tent camping with my best friend a couple of weeks ago. It was a ball. We took our bikes and rode every day.

We left our husbands at home and had some real girl time. At night I would read and she would crochet and in between we would talk like two kids at a slumber party.

The food can't be beat when you are camping. Everything tastes better. For breakfast we had bacon and eggs and bread. For lunch we snack on munchies and eat fruit. For dinner we had grilled steaks and corn with Stove Top stuffing. Our second dinner we had pan sauteed chicken breast with Stove Top stuffing and broccoli.

Our one dessert for the two nights was ice cream from the camp store.

It was so relaxing and such fun.

It just does not get better than that..... Fun, friends, rejuvenation of the soul, good conversation, and good food.


  1. It was fun to read about your camping adventure. MMMmmm... and the food sounds good too.

  2. Thanks, Gallery, it was a blast. I will add your name to my drawing.